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- The one and only indexer to give 10.000 API calls & 1.000 NZB downloads per day for free from day 1
- Retention nearing 2700 days
- Over 500 groups crawled
- Very fast indexer adding releases without a delay
- Non-intrusive ads
- No access logs
- Almost 3 TB in size

Automatic Feedback

UC can be integrated with SABnzbd to allow automatic feedback on failed downloads

Under Switches > Queue:
- Action when encrypted RAR is downloaded, set to Abort

Under Switches > Indexing:
- Enable OZnzb Integration, and enter your UC Site API key.
- Select Automatic Feedback

Possible comments:
- Out of retention on [USP]
- Passworded


Backup Server

UC has a backup server in case you run into missing articles



UC allows BFF's to import NZB's in case something is missing



UC allows you to integrate various applications

- CouchPotato
- NZBGet
- NZBVortex
- SABnzbd
- SickBeard


UC has the most searching capabilities of all indexers

NFO, RAR & ZIP files are searchable, please see index option on the search page
Filters: age, audio language, subtitles language, category, group, preview, size, TV air date & votes


Site Options

UC allows you to change a few options in your profile

- Theme
- Retention
- Browse Count
- Hide Ads
- Hide Username



UC has support for the X-DNZB-Failure header used by SABnzbd. This allows us to send you an alternative NZB when the download fails. For these suggestions to work we need to store your download history for 24 hours. Now this only works when SABnzbd grabs the NZB directly.



UC allows you to vote on releases. Releases having a negative vote will be marked red. When a release is down voted it is added to a queue for deep inspection.

Last update: 11/6/2015