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UHD Section Required

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on May 31, 2017
(2.4 Yrs)
@Optimus Prime @Admins

Seeing as how 4K tv's are so cheap now and 2160 releases has been out for ages any chance you could add a UHD section to TV and Movies pretty please?
on Jun 4, 2017
(2.4 Yrs)
Yes I second that.
on Jul 9, 2017
(2.3 Yrs)
I need more space....
on Dec 22, 2017
(1.8 Yrs)
I'd still like to see this implemented if possible.

No hurry as long as its done in the next hour or so that would be awesome :-)

Happy Xmas All - everyone have a fucking great time!!!!!!!
on Dec 24, 2017
(1.8 Yrs)
In the interim, just add 2160 or uhd to your search string. This will get most of the uhd items.
[email protected] - admin
on Dec 27, 2017
(1.8 Yrs)
- Message removed by moderator [email protected] -
[email protected] - admin
on Dec 27, 2017
(1.8 Yrs)
We are aware of the huge demand of implementations and swift solutions, thank you for your suggestion, we are taking this into consideration and will put into our TO DO list.

~ Cheers

you can always use this link


We will implement a "4k checkbox" as a temporary solution
on Apr 30, 2019
(24 Wks)
Can I resurect this old post please?

UHD section for Movies/TV would be awesome
on May 10, 2019
(23 Wks)
Please add UHD in Television and Movies. Cheers

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