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setup newznab for newznzb and wtfnzb

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on Oct 10, 2019
Does anyone know newznab that could help with an issue I'm having?
I have setup newznab for my personal use but some of the posts I'm interested in are in the newznzb and wtfnzb groups. I get stuff from all the other newsgroups I have marked active but nothing from these. I use Usenetsever, so I know the headers are there. What am I missing?
on Oct 10, 2019
Unfortunately this site is on life support. Admin hasn't been seen since spring. I can't answer your question, only suggest that you post your question on another indexers site. This place used to be the BEST indexer around! I stop in every once in a great while to see if admin has surfaced.
on Oct 11, 2019
Yeah, I just try to check daily to see if admin has kicked it in the side yet but thought someone doing the same might know something.

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